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Association Communication Capabilities

The Riding Association works to create the conditions for victory for the candidate it serves. Creating said conditions requires a full-spectrum approach to communication that not not only gets our message out to the citizens of our riding, but also provides them avenues to engage with us that we may better meet their needs.

Association Website

The riding’s window into the Association, the website serves as the touchstone and nexus of engagement. All others mediums of communication serve the ultimate purpose of referring traffic to the website where it is possible to host as much information as an interested individual could require.

Chief among any functions the website serves is providing the means for contacting the Association. This is accomplished through the Contact page where one sees the riding split into seven sectors, each of which is managed by a Sector VP who is available by email. Enquiries of any nature sent to the riding-specific email address are routed for response by the first available Sector VP who can either reply with the appropriate answer or refer the matter to the appropriate Association member.

Analytics capabilities are in place to track the efficacy of the referring mediums as well as the level of engagement individuals have with any given page on the website. The data that results allows for tailoring of content to maximize the time spent by individuals on a given page and compel viewers to read on or reach out.

Association activity is made to be readily apparent to anyone that wishes to see what has been taking place as all postings  remain accessible long after their first appearance. In this way, what the association has accomplished for the riding is made transparent while pages for the various Committees serve to identify the activities to be carried out.

Direct Email Blast

Generated and dispatched within Liberalist, email blasts are the primary means of communication for the riding association. It is the most effective means by which the association can contact members and supporters, delivering our message in the most expedient way available. Not to be abused, email blasts are selectively carried out to achieve a specific result.

– Monthly newsletter containing an amalagamation of news items from the time period since the previous newsletter.
– Notification of the Association’s events, providing a link to the related article on the Association’s website as well as an RSVP page that permits an attendee to register in advance and make payment, if applicable.
– Regular updates on multi-day happenings of significance such as conventions and electoral campaigns.
– Notifying non-members of the expiration of the membership.

Virtual Phone Bank

Enabled through Liberalist, the Association can generate lists of individuals to be contacted via phone and provider callers with an interface directly linked to Liberalist that provides detailed information on the person being called, why they are being called, what outcome is being sought from the call, and an opportunity for information gathered from the call to be recorded for future reference.


TCFLA maintains a presence on Facebook through its Group Page and its Organization Page.

The Organization Page is linked to the Twitter account to permit tweets to be automatically posted on it. The page further serves to host images, videos, and surveys as well as providing an opportunity for comment and content by any Facebook user interesting in contributing.

The Group Page provides a forum for the most active of the Assocation’s members and supporters. The

As far as direct messaging goes, it is the case that the large amount of notifications the average Facebook user receives tends to result in the service being less effective for making contact.


TCFLA maintains a Twitter account that that is linked to the Association’s Facebook Page. The Twitter account operates in both directions, allowing the Association to stay on top of activity in the riding as well as providing a platform to sent the Association’s message to the world.

Google Plus

It remains the case among the most politically active members of the association that the Blackberry is the dominant form of communication device. Among the same group, it is also the case that the dominant email service is Gmail. As Blackberry devices become more capable and as many switch to other phones (particularly Android), the combination of a more capable phone and a Gmail account will result in more members and supporters being accessible by way of the communication functions in Google+. This approach is in its early stages and has yet to be fully implemented. It should be apparent by summer 2012 whether or not Google+ is a good fit for TCFLA.