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Association Organizational Structure

The Liberal Party of Canada does not start and end in Ottawa it starts where you live. In ridings all across the country are associations actively engaged in the community, volunteering their time to help those where they live and every day developing the experiences, networks, ideas, and drive that flows up through the party to affect the course of Canadian politics. The results are simply a better, more democratic country.

Effective and responsible government is unquestionably an exercise of collaboration and the foundation of that spirit starts close to home in the riding association. The Toronto Centre Federal Liberal Association is comprised of approximately two dozen members from within the riding who work tirelessly towards objectives set out by the association as a whole and its committees.

As an all-volunteer organization, we are constantly looking for new participants to add to the whole who can introduce new ideas in committees, run for elected positions, cast their vote on Association measures, and develop the skills that help one step into the roles common on riding election campaigns.

We hope that all members will be active participants in the Association. That includes, but is far from limited to, standing for the executive of the Association. Executive positions are defined in the bylaws of the Association. Elections to executive positions are held at the Association’s Annual General Meetings.

The current members of the Association’s executive are:

President: Margaret Morneau
Vice President: Max Beck
Treasurer: Nancy Lala
General Secretary: Michele Kumara
Membership Secretary: Chelsey Wilson
Fundraising Chair: Ian Mackay
Vice President: Policy: Alexander Craney
Riding Liaison: Jason Hickey
Young Liberal Representative: Jagmeet Sra
Finance and Administration Coordinator: Arthur Lam
IT Coordinator: Joel Klebanoff
Organization Chair: Holly Rasky
Sectoral Vice Presidents (10)
a) Church-Wellesley (2): Geoff Owen
Nichola Ward
b) Cabbagetown (2): Leslie Wood
Paul St. Amour
c) St. Lawrence (2): Probal Lala
Demerise Lafleur
d) St. Jamestown (2): Bindu Nair
Kannan Nair
e) Regent Park (2): Mohammed Sheikh
Fos Ashkir