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Havergal ArtHeart Family Fun-Raiser – Sat. April 28th

Posted on April 23, 2012

ArtHeart is going through a renaissance! ArtHeart is going through a renewal! Just as the face of Regent Park is being reborn, so is our art center changing and growing. In the spring, we will be moving to the new Artscape Regent Park Arts and Culture Center.

We are currently cleansing our space and revamping our programming. Stay tuned for programming news. Our Board of Directors is also changing and growing. We now have a board that is solely dedicated to supporting the participants – both adult and children. We welcome back Seanna Connell, our original founder and Executive Director for the first 17 years. Seanna is now also Director of ArtBridges. Joining her is Kimberly Cudney, long time supporter, major fundraiser/donor, retired investment broker. Sandi Wong is a professional artist, former corporate executive in the apparel industry and key volunteer art instructor at ArtHeart. With us is also Judy Fournier, donor and administrator, par excellence..

NEWS! In order to fully respond to the needs and goals of the participants, ArtHeart has instituted its first Participants’ Advisory Committee. This is a group of six participants who will meet twice monthly, for a 4 month term. The committee will work to form their vision, prioritize goals and identify needs of the center. They will also be able to give direct feedback to the Board of Directors. We’re anticipating imaginative collaboration and creative cooperation with this new diverse team!