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Toronto Centre Federal Liberal Association

TCFLA Heads to 2012 Biennial in Ottawa

Posted on January 12, 2012


Friday marks the official commencement of the 2012 Liberal Biennial which will see thousands of Liberals from across the country gather in Ottawa. There we will debate and decide upon the big questions facing our Party. What changes must we make to our structure as an organization? How, through the policy resolutions we adopt, will we define ourselves and communicate who we are to Canadians? And who will we choose as table officers to lead our Party organization during this critical period?

Toronto Centre FLA will be fully represented there by a full slate of delegates, maintaining a booth on the convention floor and staying engaged throughout each day in each of the activities take place for delegates.

Our website will be very active during the convention, providing a synopsis of each day’s events as well as updates throughout each day via the Association’s Facebook and Twitter feeds which have been linked to the website.

Keep up with us via the following means: