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Association Operational Capabilities

The Associations’s operational capabilities are simply described as those actions that the organization can take in the community of which it is a part.


Between elections, the Association carries out fundraising activities that provide the necessary funds to carry out an effective campaign when the writ is dropped. Fundraising also provides the funds to carry on operations and involvement in the community between elections that benefit the community and cultivate support.


Members are the foundation on which an association is laid and from their ranks the executive members are generally drawn as well as the most regular volunteers. Understanding that greater numbers of members support the association in a variety of critical ways, the Association makes growing the membership a top priority. Membership drives are organized to boost membership by reaching out to appropriate community groups, contacting expired members, organizing events, and otherwise pushing the engagement of the Association with citizens to increasingly deeper levels to create and nourish the relationships that lead to more memberships.

Community Emergency Response

Using the means of communication at the disposal of the association that can get through to members quickly, we can respond rapidly to emergencies in the community whose victims would benefit from our rapid contribution of basic provisions. An example of this would be blankets to those forced from their apartment building due to a fire.

Community Events

Where community events are identified as taking place and where a Liberal presence would be beneficial, the Association can become involved to the extent of promoting it among its members and supporters and/or establishing a physical presence that makes the Association actually part of the event.

By-Election Support

Where nearby by-elections are called, the Association can lend the full spectrum of support to a neighboring association. Such support could consist of f technical, organizational, or labour to buttress the weak points another riding association may which could otherwise compromise their ability to run a fully effective campaign.