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Committee Chair:

Brandon Sage

Committee Members:

Brandon Sage
Donna Popovic
Lesley Myers

Current Undertakings:

Development of 

Launched November 2011, the riding associations website servies as the touchstone for residents of Toronto-Centre and its Liberal members to the riding association. The website will focus on:

1) Providing a platform for dissemination of information to the Association’s members and supporters.
2) Providing a fixed location for community members and organizations to engage the Association through.
3) Chronicling the activities of the riding Association in general.
4) Serving as the nexus of all communications methods employed by the Association.
5) Hosting the Association’s ‘Committee’ web pages which are to detail their past, current, and future activities.
6) Hosting the Association’s ‘Sector’ web pages which are to detail their past, current, and future activities as well as to maintain an updated list of active community organizations.
7) Hosting daily updates ‘From the Leader’s Office’ which contain statements of policy from the Party and provide an avenue for constituent engagement with TCFLA’s policy team.


Incorporation of Liberalist into Sector VP Operations

As part of a concerted effort to increase the scope and range of activities of Sector VPs, the party’s contact database – Liberalist – will be integrated into the position to permit a regular feed-in of data gleaned on constituents. An emphasis on maintaining updated contact information and data on issues of interest will be central as part of an overall effort to  foster within the Association a ‘data culture’. Such a culture, if created, will see the regular input of details of importance into Liberalist that can be used for more effective outreach, fundraising, communication, etc.


Canvassing Members Past for Renewals

To be carried out following the biennial, Sector VPs for Toronto Centre will be utilizing Liberalist’s Virtual Phone Bank to canvass expired members to re-engage them back into the party. This ‘low-hanging fruit’ will consist of a large number of individuals who may not even be aware that their membership expired, allowing our SVP’s to take measures to set them back up with a membership by arranging for a package to be mailed to them, setting up a call from a reprsentative in Ottawa, or taking credit card and personal information over the phone to re-establishm membership on the spot.


Improving Inter-Association Communications

While the widespread use of Blackberry phones succeeded in making it commonplace for individuals to have access to email on the go, the now ubiquitous presence of more advanced mobile devices running on the Android and Apple iOS platforms have ensured the that there is a high chance that any given individual is not only capable of receiving emails by rudimentary push-email as on the Blackberry but also in the more capable IMAP systems seen on Android and iOS devices that also offer a vastly superior interface.

As a consequence of mobile phones becoming more capable devices, the email system employed by TCFLA, Google Apps, is being used to provide the Association’s members with a more robust mobile communication experience . This experience using an email account is powered by Gmail and allows for members to access shared calendars, documents, contacts, chat, sync seamlessly with Outlook (imap), and use Gmail’s lauded web interface on any computer with a web browser.

At present, only a handful of members of the Association make use of the system. Over time as activities of the association increase and the merit of the system becomes apparent, the system will become more widely adopted. In the interim, forwarding addresses exist that direct enquiries to the personal email address of riding members (e.g., would forward an email to the designated address of the person with a particular position).


Activity Log

11 November 2011 — Trial run of Liberalist to record attendance at event. Utilized for the “Rebuilding Townhall” event. Total of 88 attendees tracked for Toronto Centre. Result: Success. System will be used to track attendance at all future events with next phase to be use of the Liberalist RSVP system to register potential attandees in advance of event.

01 December 2011 — Email messaging to members and supporters switched from PHPList to Liberalist. Result: Success. System provides superior interface for composition of emails and logs directly into Liberalist that recipients received and read the message. System’s use now standard practice.

13 December 2011 — First trial of Liberalist RSVP system for confirming potential attendees and registering actual attendees at an event. Total of 155 RSVP’s processed and logged for future reference. Result: Success. System will be employed at next available opportunity to confirm effectiveness.

08 January 2012 –– Second trial of Liberalist RSVP system for confirming potential attendees and registering actual attendees at an event. Limited wi-fi at event site limited effectiveness of access to Liberalist however 246 RSVP’s were processed and logged for future reference. Result: Success. System’s use now standard practice.