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The Sectors of the Association

Use the pull-down menu at the top of the website to access the individual sectors of riding. There you will find a list of community groups active in sector that we work to support.

To get on our list and maintain contact with the riding association, please reach out to the appropriate Sector VP.


The Sector Vice President

The Sector VP is positioned at the crucial point where a ‘Disengaged Citizen’ becomes a ‘Liberal Supporter’. Their effectiveness here is critical in putting new supporters on a track that that can make for an effective Association.

Engagement with the Association proceeds in steps. They are as follows:

Disengaged Citizen -> Liberal Supporter -> Liberal Member -> Association Member

The above is not to suggest that a supporter is any less significant than a Member, but to provide a guideline for a new support to understand that helps explain how the Association structures its approach to those we engage with.

To put the above flow another another way, disengaged citizens become engaged when an issue prompts their interest and to take the step of committing their time and thought to an organization which they hitherto had no connection. Once engaged and involved, they become increasingly connected to other Supporters and Members to an extent that they increasingly keep up with political events in the news and the activities their Association is involved with. Supporters commit increasingly large amount of their time and thought to the party and its Association that they begin to consider themselves a part of the Association, an the Association likewise.

With a higher level of involvement, a Supporter typically opts to become a Member as this permits them to have a vote not just on who runs the Association, but also the Member of Parliament that represents the riding. Make no mistake: the MP serves at the pleasure of the Association and a good association is critical to attracting quality candidates.

When a Member reaches a crucial point where they feel they can contribute directly to the Association to make the decisions that direct and benefit it, they can become an Association Member, standing for positions on the Association that they must then be elected/acclaimed to. From there, a Member can carry on the spirit of collaboration by working with their fellow Associations members in common purpose for a common goal for the betterment of the riding and in support of their MP/candidate. The Riding Association is the foundation on which a thriving and effective Liberal government rests, the source of a great many of its finest talent, and the key to rebuilding.

The Sector Vice Presidents represent our ”boots on the ground’. They are our information officers whose eyes and ears connect us to the constituents of the riding. Through them, constituents and organizations may begin their engagement with the Association. From them, our Association comes to understand the issues that affect our riding, directing gleaned information up through the established channels to add to the formulation of policy at the top and influence the decisions that are made that affect all Canadians. Our Members of Parliament are hired by citizens to solve the problems that affect a given riding. Everything begins with listening to Canadians and the Association and its volunteers are the first line of ears in the process, through which constituent can have a platform to voice their concerns as well as their solutions.

The Sector VP, as part of their role, necessarily have the following responsibilities:

– Identify community organizations and provide their names, websites, contact info, and descriptions to the Association for upload to the relevant sector’s portion of the website.

– Develop and maintain relationships with supporters local to the riding who may be called upon to volunteer.

– Identify on an ongoing basis the interests, dispositions, and contact information of constituents in their sector and enter their data into Liberalist.

– Keep up to date with upcoming community events and forward that information to the events@tcfla account for upload to the Association calendar.

– Meet with Membership Secretary to update them on their roster of volunteers, ensuring their list is up-to-date in Liberalist.

– Meet with new Supporters (flagging them in Liberalist as such) to move them along the engagement path to becoming regular active participants in the Association.